aimi. 21. croatia. i sold my soul to yellowcard 7 years ago. i currently obsess over my little pony (obviously), how to train your dragon and deadpool.
i often post porny stuff, tagged with nsfw. also a lot of cats. and dogs. sometimes bunnies. you get the point.

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Money and pussy. That’s what it’s all about.


"You’re gonna do great today"


my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hun


Tiny legs



A mermaid 

Because they don’t always have to be whitewhitewhite.

Did you know about this?

Gronkles, Zippleback, the Skrill… Boneknapper… Whispering Death… Burns its victims, buries its victims, chokes its victims, turns its victims inside-out… Extremely dangerous, extremely dangerous… kill on sight, kill on sight, kill on sight… Night Fury. Speed unknown. Size unknown. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Never engage this dragon. Your only chance: hide and pray it does not find you.


An incredible picture of a soul leaving the body